Lost for words with the NHS

Hi all, I am lost for words with the NHS Staff at my local hospital. Since my last post, mum has come home but is worst and we have had a out of hours gp to see her, the doctor has spoken to the ward she was on and the doctor of the ward had say she knew mum and know what she like and said. It was not worth having mum back as the blood test are clear and see our gp. I didn’t have a go at the out of hours gp but said that I am not happy with the decision as it makes me a shame not just being a son or as a carer.

Hi Michael, I’m so sorry to hear that your mum has been discharged and is now even worse than she was. It’s not right that we have to fight so hard to get what’s right for our relatives, I hope your mum starts to recover soon and you don’t have to go through the whole process of hospital admission again! Thinking of you and sending a big hug :hugs:


Thanks @Sue24 Let’s hope not. See what the GPS say tomorrow. We have spoken to the crisis team about how winded up she is and will past it on to the local unit but they were OK with us if we got to give extra medicine for her to calm down with out causing trouble.


That’s good that you’ve spoken to the crisis team and that they’re aware. At least you have the fallback that you can give her the extra medicine that’s good. Good luck with the dr tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:


Well the gp came out and was not impressed with the hospital. He could see there was something wrong with mum but not sure what due to mum being a complex person with different illnesses and medicine. So he gone back to the surgery to do some investergation before coming up with a plan on what to do next. Just as you can’t see something with a mark to prove it then it doesn’t mean it not there.

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Michael I have to say I am not at all surprised at the state of affairs as so many people are fighting unsafe discharges these days as hospitals push patients out too early just to try to keep beds available.

I only hope the GP takes it on board and fights Mum’s (and your) corner so you get the help and support you both need.

You are quite right - just because someone ‘presents’ with symptoms but no physical indication of a problem doesn’t mean they are putting it on or are not ill. My husband kept reporting dangerously high BP and fainting but it was only when it got really bad and a nurse found he couldn’t even walk across the waiting room at the surgery without almost falling at her feet that she insisted on hospital accepting him urgently. It took them over a week of tests and scans to diagnose the problem as they kept saying they ‘could not see anything wrong’ - til he stood up and went flat on his face! DUH! That’s a bit of a clue.

Anyway - try to keep strong and focussed and it seems you the GP on side now so chase him up to keep the pressure on and hopefully you will get some action.

Do please keep us informed.

:people_hugging: :pray: :crossed_fingers:

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I’m so sorry to hear how much you and your Mum are struggling to get some clear answers and support. It must feel so frustrating and circular.

I’ve tried to look through your different posts so that I understand your situation better. As I think there are some things I have experienced too…My Dad had a lot of complex issues and illnesses too. So, I hope you don’t mind if I ask some questions & offer food for thought. (pls remember I’m not a doctor only offering suggestions!)

  • Blood tests provide limited information e.g. infections, or protein in the blood can indicate poor kidney function. If these are ‘clear’ for your Mum, it COULD mean there is no ‘infection’ to treat with antibiotics (for bacteria) or antivirals (for a virus infection) and kidneys and liver are functioning within the normal range of function Key Questions to your Doctor your Mum has no bacteria or viral infection and her kidneys and liver are working normally, correct?
  • Key question From the blood tests done at the hospital (which they should be able to see on their NHS digital record for her) - was there any result that was NOT in the normal range? IF the blood results are not visible to the GP ASK for another FULL bloods AND also ASK for any cancer marker blood tests to be done to reassure you and them that there is no cancer issues
  • Key question TIA = Transient Ischaemic Attack = not enough oxygen getting to the brain = can cause brain functioning issues. As oxygen gets to the brain by blood flow to it, it means that there was not enough oxygenated blood getting to her brain. This means that there could be an issue with blood flow in her body (a small blockage somewhere, heart not strongly pumping blood around the body, low blood pressure…many other reasons). Key question to GP Has an Electro cardiogram (ECG), heart rhythm monitoring been done? What did it show? Any Abnormalities . IF no ECG was done the GP SHOULD be able to conduct one in the GP practice.
  • Key question What is her blood pressure? Is there a big difference when she is sitting down to after she suddenly gets up? This tests how her heart is doing in a rested state versus standing up = There could be ‘Positional’ blood pressure issues, the heart and circulation may take longer to get around the body, or is struggling, or possibly a block somewhere.
  • I think you said she has some mental health issues - did I read she takes Lithium for psychoses or for Bipolar disorder, correct? Key question As far as I know a heart condition does not affect how/when/how much Lithium she takes BUT Ask your GP if Lithium can affect the heart function as a possible side effect…ALSO poor blood circulation to the brain (as I said above) can alter brain function because of the lack of oxygen. This = vascular dementia (which my Dad had) and can lead to behavioral episodes and issues

Whilst your Mum may have her underlying psychoses or bipolar diagnoses, I suggest pushing for more heart and circulation blood tests to rule out a) cancer b) other organ issues and c) get clearer diagnoses.

heart condition can affect the brain and can make her moods and mental health worse, for different reasons…

Gosh - that’s a lot of info. So sorry if that’s too much and technical…I tried to read your other posts to get a full picture to help you. Your GP sounds helpful, BUT they need to give you more context. So I hope these questions help. Please feel free to ignore it all!!
take care, BIG BIG empathy!


Thanks @Victoria_1806 for the information. Spoken to the gp, the one scan mum had early in the year was clear but he might do another one after this special blood test depending on the results as she is going to the left. He will arrange for other thing’s to be done. He got one of the admin staff ringing the hospital and the ward daily for discharge records and the notes while mum was last in. So slowly something is being done for a change than being left.


Michael, that sounds like the GP is now on the right track. They can’t keep discharging and readmitting mum, that’s cruel and a waste of resources. They need to find out exactly why she is ill.