I have an update regarding my mum!

So as some of you maybe aware of issues had with my mums carers for a number of years, a lot of neglect and abuse later and the council have finally found the company aren’t able to meet her needs (hooray!). If you don’t know anything look at my post history to get an idea.

So she been in hospital a month, she had sepsis in her catheter site (carers hadn’t cleaned for 4 days!). Apparently the council had a lot of safeguarding complaints in a really short amount of time (hospital, ambulance, & cqc). CQC got involved after I made a complaint to them as well.

Now she’s just waiting on a new care package to be put into place which better reflects her needs, it’s a good thing she had those seizures otherwise she’d still be stuck with the same crap care, it can’t be like they’re any worse than the old company anyway as I wouldn’t rate 1 member of their staff as good at their jobs and seem wholly uncaring.

Not once have they even called in a month to see how my mum is, I’m just so glad we’ve finally managed to be done with them.


Hi. You are in my prayers. When you get the altered care plan in place make sure you fully agree with it. I would request a typed up document that fully describes what she requires in order to progress further and so on. Or you can make up your own version using Word in addition. Good luck for the upcoming meeting. Be sure to interview the new care provider carefully in preparation. A decent CQC rating is not everything however. I found it most helpful to talk to a member of office staff at the care business in advance. I also made a few brief summary notes. I’m so happy for you. Now feel free to treat yourself to a full glass of white wine tonight.

Hi Jamie
It must have terrifying to think of your mother being neglected and mistreated. Thank goodness she had you to protect her from further harm. I hope the next team win your trust.
Warmly Ula

Thank you Ula,

Like I’ve said to my mum we need to lay ground rules on what is and isn’t acceptable and really force then to do it right. Hopefully that way she gets what she needs: they can’t be as bad as the last lot one bit!

I don’t drink anymore so I’ll just stick to a pot of nice loose tea before bed. It helps me sleep despite the caffeine :joy:. She has a good care plan in place it’s just a fact the carers do not follow it, I drew most of it up myself after not being happy with the social workers one.

Dear Jamie
You sound clear, determined and calm.
If anyone can cultivate the spirit of caring in the team it is you.
Warmly Ula

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