West Sussex carer here

Good afternoon everyone
I am an elderly carer (though I don’t feel particularly old TBH). Since my husband lost his sight, and was diagnosed with heart failure 10 years ago my role moved from wife to carer, but in fact he was fairly easy to look after and I could get out quite a bit. If I needed to go abroad (to see family) I arranged for a carer to pop in a few times a day.
But seven months ago he became very ill with his heart failure and is now completely housebound and in need of constant attention. So my caring role has increased greatly.
I get a lot of support from various organisations in West Sussex but I don’t seem to quite fit into the mould somehow. What I would really like is to meet up for a coffee every so often with people in a similar position.
We have a good circle of friends, many of whom drop in to keep my other half (and me) company. The medical people are very supportive, and I can arrange respite care (next time in a care home) for when I go to see my family. So I am in a good place really and don’t feel too isolated.
I had cancer last year and didn’t have a lot of time between finishing my treatment and my husband’s deterioration in health, so I worry quite a lot about that and just hope that the cancer stays away - so far so good! But I do find that I am forgetting my own health issues (dentist, check-ups, etc) as I spend so much time sorting out my husband’s medical issues.
Anyone in or near Worthing in the same boat?

Hello Lucinda
There is a Carers Support for West Sussex that has several drop in coffee sessions
Worthing is on the 4 th Monday each month

Click the purple sections in the link above, and it will download a list of them all and the detials