Well its now 22 years

since my wife came home but someone up there still does not like her, breast cancer now, after one in her right breast… now in the left one and starts once more with three weeks of radio therapy after her operation …I’m wondering when they are going to leave us in peace for what little time we have left, my god shes a battler but I am heartily sick and tired of fate giving us a bad deal after having to look after her disability with no help whatsoever, I THOUGHT FOOLISHLY we would be left in peace but it seems not… so onwards we go trying not to get too depressed over it all

Hello Lookingafteru. I am afraid I don’t think I have understood your message.

Evidently times have been hard for you and your wife for a long time and I am very sorry to hear about your predicament. We would like to be supportive but we need a clearer idea of what support you need.

You talk about wanting to be left in peace but say that you are looking after your wife with no help. This seems a bit self-contradictory. I gather that your wife has just had an operation and follow-up treatment is ongoing. You have therefore plenty of contact with the medical profession at present. Are you saying this is too little or too much?

Have you talked to your GP about this? Medical practices can often give good advice for individual cases for support services available.

I understand the post. My life changed forever when my son was brain damaged at birth, 40 years ago. Later I discovered that in a major teaching hospital, she was unqualified without supervision, didn’t write anything on the notes for three hours, so no hope of proving negligence.
In the years that followed I supported nine different members of the family, and had to have eight operations, and had a head on smash that nearly killed me, only 3 months after I found my husband dead in bed.
How do I keep going? Twice I nearly died, my husband died when he was just 58, I’m now 68, so I’m really lucky to still be hear, to feel the wind on my face, see my grandchild, and go on holiday.
Like Elton John, I’m still standing. This is the only life I’m going to have, so I might as well enjoy it as much as I can.

Hi Lookingsfteru,

What a blow, cancer again. I’m so sorry to hear you and your wife are having to go through this again. You must both be worried and exhausted. So unfair. Will she need chemo too, or have they caught it early?

Sending you cyber support.