Vitamins and supplements

I am very tired run down, not sleeping well.

It has been suggested i might be deficient in vitamins and minerals.

Magnesium can help with tiredness and lack of energy.

Is it worth trying? or are vitamins and supplements just a waste of money?

I regularly take magnesium as it also aids sleep - works for me :slight_smile:

Plus vitamin D - I have osteoporosis and it helps build bone density plus it supports the immune system and a Vitamin B complex.

But it would probably be a good idea to get your GP to run a few blood tests which would determine which vitamins/minerals you may be deficient in.


I swear by magnesium for sleep too.

I also take Vitamin C with zinc to boost my immune system and I rarely get colds etc that are going around.

A blood test sounds like a start and in the meantime a chat with the pharmacist.


Magnesium should not be taken with some medication. Especially with the extra responsibility caused by the virus, a blood test would be a good next step.

Nor if you have kidney problems.
I’ve been taking Magnesium and multivits for years…
,And Octavite for the eyes.

Hello, I would like to ask Albert if he thinks Octav****ite helps his eyesight. (I have advanced glaucoma and can no longer drive.)

Very sorry to hear about your glaucoma…
Octavite contains Lutin which is supposed to be good for the central vision.macula.
I don’t think that Octavite would help anyone with glaucoma
I assume that you have been seeing a specialist in glaucoma…

Yes, I’ve been seen by Moorfields Eye Hospital Consultants and doctors for 30 years.

I have been told i am short of vitamin D but doctors aren’t very helpful when asking about vitamins, most say if you eat properly then you should be alright vitamin wise.

But still think its worth a try.

Can anyone give me a few hints where to get them at reasonable prices, Pm me if you are not allowed to advertise

on the forum.

Thank you.

I just constantly feel washed out/worn out, I don’t drink or smoke.


I tend to buy them where they are on offer! The supermarket, Boots, Holland and Barratt …

The NHS website gives information on recommended doses Vitamin D - NHS

S had dreadful verrucas which we could not get rid off. The doctor only gave us a leaflet and said use over the counter remedies or get them burnt of (no way would S tolerate that). However, a chiropodist recommended him having zinc tablets and the whole crop of them just disappeared!


I generally get mine from Holland & Barrett.

Their own brand Vitamin D3 is very reasonably priced - 10 mcg is the usual maintenance dose £3.59 for 100 tablets or the higher 25mcg dose is £8.19 for 100 tablets. (They also do both in 250 tablets)

As we age our bodies weaken.
Our reaction time lengthens, eyes are not so good, nor our hearing.
Our muscles weaken too.
So I think that maybe our intestines too are not as good in absorbing food and vitamins
from the food we eat.
THIS is why I take vits etc.

Hi Londonbound
Hi to all
Nytol 25mg tablets to help with your sleep you can buy them from Boots at the pharmacist area.
Londonbound best speak to your GP so you can find out if you are low on vitamin D and take multivitamins it is not a waste of money.