Tried and lack of sleep

I haven’t been sleeping very well the last few months and I have depression and anxiety as a carer. I just donthought seem to sleep at all I wake 2am and can’t get back to sleep. I tried nytol and been to doctors but they don’t won’t me on sleeping tablets. Holicks and hot chocolate and herbalance teas don’t help.I very stressful and crying all the time and not eating well. Do you have any helpful ideas where I can get a good night sleep in need a good rest.

Go back to Social Services and say that unless they do something, you are gong to have to give up caring because of your own health needs.

The GP should be supportive.

Thank you

Who do you care for and what help do you receive at present.


The stress is the biggest problem that I can see that’s preventing you from sleeping well.

I’m fortunate in that I rarely have trouble sleeping.

The only time I ever have any problem sleeping is if unpleasant things are churning around in my head, (stressful) but my normal routine (with a couple of added extras) usually takes care of it.

I take to bed with me:- a book, a cup of tea, a few pills, (nothing prescribed, just OTC stuff) and a cream cracker with a very generous portion of Stilton on top. I read until I no longer want to whilst eating my cracker and cheese slowly, swallow my pills with the tea and turn the light out. If I’m then having trouble getting to sleep, I glaze pots in my head, (pottery is a hobby of mine) I try and work out what combinations will go well on which pot, it helps to imagine three or four glazes on a pot and work out how I’m going to apply them for maximum effect.

I’m not suggesting you take up pottery, but sometimes I’ll go for a favourite woodland walk, (in my head again obviously) and just try and get lost in that.

btw: Stilton dreams can be amazing (but they don’t happen every night) - and the Calcium in cheese helps the brain use the Tryptophan found in dairy products to manufacture sleep-triggering Serotonin.

It looks like my mother had enough of me living in her house as a carer. I don’t ask her for anything and I go without sometimes because can act like I’m OK. I buy my own shopping I give money towards gas and electricity but I feel like a burden. I think ithe would be better to get my own place. She keeps telling that I’m burden.

Just read this as I just posted a post of my own.

In my experience, inability to sleep, which I’m going through at the moment, is a sign of severe stress and/or being distracted by a number of things. My sleeping pattern is all over the place at the moment, because my mum’s health has deteriorated. I’m not eating properly and I am angry, hurt, grief stricken and quite deeply resentful. Who would choose to be in a situation like this? That’s right, no one.

I’m sleeping when I can. I’m also giving up all my hurt and anger to God. This helps enormously.