Very stressed daughter

My adult daughter is on the autistic spectrum and about to blow a fuse tonight!

Yesterday she found and reunited a lost cat with its owner. it had been missing for a week. There were posters everywhere offering £100 reward for safe return. The owner just said “thanks” And left. Daughter then kept on about her reward so i emailed the woman and explained that she is autistic and sees things very black and white and the flyer that came through our door did mention the reward so she wanted to claim it.

She said “of course. I will drop the money in tomorrow.” Well, someone has been in the house all day and no money has arrived! Hubby says he doesn’t think she will turn up and You can’t make somebody pay up but daughter is nearly in meltdown. She says she shouldn’t have offered a reward then. I agree with her!

Do you think I should email again?

Hi Penny
I’ve looked quickly on free legal advice and it appears that the cat owner should pay. I’m sorry I can’t attach it but maybe you can check it out? Then email and state what you find out. After all the offer is in writing. I agree. don’t make an offer that’s not genuine.

The money and card has literally just come through letterbox! My faith in human nature is restored and daughter has calmed down. Thanks.

Am so pleased Penny! Restored my faith too a little

Glad there was a happy ending!
You can all relax now.


So pleased. Maybe spend on something special for her new home?


Thats good

Any news on the housing front

Its full steam ahead for my sons move so fingers crossed here!

please start a thread and share the journey.


Thanks everyone xx. yea the cash will go into her house fund. :+1: