This is my first step into the site and having read a selection of the posts it may be helpful. I am carer to two adult children. One has autism, ADHD and severe social anxiety. The other has autism, agoraphobia, social anxiety and depression. I am exhausted much of the time.
as the children are adults and living in seperate accomodation they require significant support on daily living skills, finance and accessing professional services.
i do also have many years experience of working with adults on the spectrum (with additional needs) and would gladly offer any advice or just an ear I have gathered over the years,


I think many if not most of us find caring challenging and I do feel for you having two adults to care for, even if they do not live with you. The system does seem to be ‘broken’ with relatives, often not int he best of health themselves or in their first youth, being expected to do more and more.

I hope you are making time for YOU. Not always easy I know. I am lucky as I have my beloved feline family and a few very good friends. Plus I am an avid reader and that helps - I chair two Book Clubs.

Welcome, my son with LD is in supported living.
Do you manage your children’s money, or “Client Affairs”. I’m so fed up with money issues I’m going to give it all to Client Affairs, as I’m not well.

I have been my sons Appointee for most of his life so far but now going through Power of Attorney process as he is an adult and unable to operate his finances,

I completely understand your desire to hand responsibility for your sons finances over . It is a serious drain and they will do everything by the book. I have a good husband who will help and for now we will manage in his best interests . I have an older son who will take the POA on when we are unable.

I was widowed 16 years ago, and have some serious health issues. Dealing with everything on my own is very difficult.
At 70, I’m trying to get Social Services to accept that I will not be around together and finally they need to arrange things properly, so that he gets the care he needs without continually leaving things to me.