Urgh!!! help (2)

My life at home is not home it a,work places to me I am wonder I cant do it anymore don’t see any way out anymore :confused: don’t what to live here no more I cant cope no more

Zoe, tell us more about your caring responsibilities.
You CANNOT be foreced to care if you don’t want to.

Hi Zoe,

welcome back.

Life sounds very tough and you sound exhausted.

Last time you posted you had just contacted social care for some help with your Mum and Dad, can you give us and update?


Hello Zoe,
I care for my elderly mum who is 90 years old. I don’t live with her but I live nearby. I understand how you feel. Sometimes I feel like I am just ‘mum’s carer’ and nobody else!
I now have learnt to ‘detach’ myself and not to be so readily available to mum.
Mums can be very demanding!