I Just Dont Know What To Do / How To Cope

Hi all.

To give you a bit of background - my mum is mid 70’s. I am mid 40’s, only child and live with her along with my partner and my 17 year old son from a previous marriage.

I don’t work, my partner does odd jobs so a lot of time is spent with my mum. She is forever having little digs at my partner then tries to laugh it off.
if we decide to go out ( myself, my partner and my son) she starts acting like a spoilt child. The thing is if we then invite her along too, she gets bored quick then you feel you have to rush your time out to get home again, plus the fact that the 4 of us altogether doesn’t seem to work - I don’t know why we just don’t gel and I feel I’m treading on eggshells then.
I feel so tired with it all - I suffer from depression myself and day in day out feel like theres no way out :frowning:

Does mum own or rent her home?
This question is VERY relevant!!

It’s Mums own home - been told many a time that it’s HER home but we live there! We’ve been here with her 7 years now but just before last Christmas is when it started to take its toll…

It’s time you moved out and had a place of your own, or she accepted it was your home too and respected your need for privacy, respected your partner, and showed some appreciation of what you did for her.

No One can force you to care for your mother, and she has no right to demand anything from you!!

Do you get Carers Allowance?
How much help does she actually NEED, as opposed to want.