Universal credits and disabled adult

Hi, need some advice please.
Until my disabled daughter turned 20, I received child tax credits at 156.00 a week, which included the severe disability element, family allowance at 20.60 per wk along with my income support with the carers premium. I knew that child tax credits and family allowance would stop when she turned 20, so we started the process of universal credits. She has no capacity to handle her money so I still manage it. We received a months payment yesterday of 251.00. Can anyone tell me if this is correct.
Forgot to say she gets PIP enhanced rate for care and mobility.

Hi Michelle.

Universal Credit … a name for a collection of benefits / allowances which make up the total.

Any breakdown of the £ 251 figure ?

An online benefits calculator may assist you here :


Also a good guide as to whether or not all current benefits / allowances are being claimed ?

Hi Chris.
Standard rate for under 25’s.
My daughter will go to a work capability assessment shortly, do you think that she will receive extra money when she has had this assessment done.

Without knowing the precis nature of the individual benefits / allowances currently being paid , I cannot comment.

Work capacity assessment … I assume Earnings Support Allowance ( ESA ) is one benefit ?

How is she disabled? Do YOU think she is capable of paid work?

Hi Michelle,

you haven’t said what your daughter’s disabilities are, except that she needs your help to complete the forms and with financial matters.

There is info here WCA limited capability for work assessment descriptors | Disability Rights UK on the scoring system for work capability. The forms for work capability for ESA and UC are the same. I applied for UC for S at the end of December, was sent the forms for re work capability. He is still waiting to hear whether he will need to attend an interview…