Universal credit

Hi I am my daughter’s carer. She is 21 and recently managed to get a part time job of 15 hours. She was claiming esa but went over the threshold so it was stopped. We have put in a claim for uc. We have she has an ongoing fitnote from our gp saying she cannot do more hours due to her autism. Will she be entitled to anything? She currently receives high rate pip mobility and care.

Hi Michelle … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

First step … an online benefits calculator.


After crunching the numbers in … inside UC … what does the end result reveal ?
( I assume you are claiming Carers Allowance … right flavour of PIP ? )

Secondary purpose of checking that all current benefits / allowances are being claimed.

( Council Tax discount ? )

Also , the knock on effects of claiming one benefit inside UC against any other elements.

Universal Credit: What you'll get - GOV.UK

Once you have the results , feel free to bounce any queries / observations off us here on this forum.