Carers allowance & Univesal credit

My youngest child has now left education so i am now only entitled to basic UC money of £317, I am a carer for my daughter who gets high rate pip daily living component so I claim carers allowance. So UC have me as entitled to £317 minus £286 per month for carers which leaves me with £31 per month universal credit. Now is that correct because I’m sure before I changed to universal credit last September you get carers plus income support at £105 per week? I’ve also read about carers premium which entitles me to top my money up to £105 per week but I’ve never received that. Also I had an advance from UC when I had to wait for first payment and because it’s more than £31 I have to pay back per month they have left me £100 less for my rent? Any advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi Louise.

A brief guide to UC :

How much is Universal Credit ?

Universal Credit is normally paid to you as a single monthly payment, but it’s made up of several different elements. Before you actually make a claim, it’s hard to give an accurate figure for how much Universal Credit you’ll receive. In this guide, we look at the different allowances and elements you might be entitled to, how much you can get for each one and how payments can be affected by other income and savings.

Universal Credit Basic Allowance,

Additional elements,

How much Universal Credit will I get if I’m working ?

Savings and Universal Credit.

Other benefits and Universal Credit.

If you take out a Universal Credit Advance payment.

Universal Credit and the benefit cap.

How do sanctions affect Universal Credit.

Have read then get back to us.

In addition , an online benefits calculator … how do the figures stack up ?

Turn2us Benefits Calculator

There is also the UC helpline … be prepared for a lengthy wait at times :

Universal Credit full service : 0800 328 5644

UC is not straight forward … we on the forum can only point readers to the external experts out there for guidance.

Hi, I have done the entitled 2 and it states that I should be receiving £317 basic UC. £66.15 a week carers allowance which they deduct from the Basic UC which leaves £31 a month and that’s what I have been getting every month since September 2018. I contacted UC this morning and they stated that yes I should be in receipt of the carer element of £160 per month if I am caring for someone. I pointed out that obviously I am as they are deducting £286 per month from my UC of £317 so they are aware I’m in receipt of carers allowance. She told me to go onto my journal change my circumstances that from 01/09/2018 I stopped caring for my daughter. Then repeat change of circumstances and change it to started caring for my Daughter on the 02/09/2018. She then said they will contact Carers allowance department and confirm I’ve been in receipt of Carers allowance and if they confirm that information I was definitely entitled to the carer element of £160 per month. Now does that mean that I will receive the carer element from September 2018 as they was aware I was a carer and it’s their error they did not apply the carers element? Because up until September 2019 I was claiming UC, Child tax credits for my disabled daughter with the disability element of tax credits and child benefit. So now she is claiming UC in her own name my Payment for September 2019 is basic £371 and that’s how I noticed I have only been receiving £31 per month for myself with UC.


Now does that mean that I will receive the carer element from September 2018 as they was aware I was a carer and it’s their error they did not apply the carers element? >

Presumably yes … one to bounce off the UC unit.

If nothing else , one thing I have learned with dealing with my local community through the food bank … never take anything at
face value when it comes to UC … check and check again … it’s almost essential … given the training most have within the UC unit.