Universal credit and direct payment

Hi I’ve recently reduced at work to care for my partner and new born baby, my partner still works but reduced hours and receives high level pip.

We went to the job centre to apply for universal credit and all seemed fine our earning are low and dont have loads of savings seem positive

My partner also receives direct payments from the council for 18 hours care which is paid into a separate account then she’s pays the carers, we are not allowed to touch that money for ourselves.

However universal credit now want to take that direct payments into account as if it’s our money but we can’t touch, which means it puts us over the threshold and now unable to claim universal credit.

We were originally told that account would be disregarded as that money is not ours

Does this sound right

Hi Lee.

From elsewhere on this site :

Will getting a direct payment affect any benefits we’re receiving ?

Direct payments that you are given as a carer to purchase services to meet your needs as a carer are not counted as ‘income’ for any benefits you receive, and so would not affect any of your benefits.

Direct payments that the person you are looking after is given to purchase services to meet their needs are not counted as ‘income’ for any benefits they receive, and so would not affect any of their benefits.

However, if the person you are looking after pays you or anyone else with their direct payments, then this would count as ‘earnings’ and might affect any benefits you, or anyone else being paid, gets.

Direct payments | Carers UK

If any doubt remains , I recommend CUK’s Advice Team … above extract to be quoted … best by email :

At least they will be able to supply the chapter and verse on their understanding of benefit law.

Ok thanks will get straight onto them,

Yet another mine in that unexplored UC minefield now mapped ???