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This is first time posting but have been reading the forum for a while which provides valuable information for carers. Just a question about Carers Allowance my father has Parkinson’s and went into hospital on 20th April . I informed the Carers Allowance Unit when I received my allowance it was a reduced amount .I also contacted Attendance Allowance who have suspended my father’s allowance. I have not been informed that my allowance would be reduced so before I ring them I just wanted to check that they will reduce the carers allowance as I thought I would be allowed to claim for up to 12 weeks. Any advice would be appreciated Thank you

Hi Paula.

CA on one’s caree entering hospital ?

If the person you look after goes into hospital and you are no longer providing care for at least 35 hours a week, > you can continue to get Carer’s Allowance for up to 12 weeks or until their disability benefit stops.

Stopping the AA would have triggered suspending CA BEFORE the 12 weeks had expired.

Hi Chris
Thank you for your help. They have not told me. that this would happen . We have a difficult couple of weeks with the Drs informing us that my father is at the end stage of Parkinson’s .

Your welcome.

If CA is one’s only income , what does one do ?

Apply for Income Support on an emergency basis ?

Our thoughts are with you and your father.

I already get Income support as they use it to top up my carers allowance. Thank you for the advice think I will ring someone on Tuesday as we’re trying to move my father into a nursing home but it’s not sorted yet .I know it can take a while to sort out new claims for different benefits.

Remember if dad is end of life, he should be able to receive NHS Continuing Healthcare. Devastating news, it takes time to come to terms with things like this.

If needed … the main CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare thread :

Section … colour coded :


My dad is going to get NHS continuing healthcare funding. I have chosen a home and am liasing with the hospital discharge and home finders team as to when he will transferring to the home. Thanks everyone