Uc and having to attend JC for verification

Hi all,

First time poster here. I was just wondering, I’m currently a full time carer with a 35hr+ responsibility and ive recently tried applying for UC, ive been verified successfully and as im studying part time at the OU, UC updated my journal by inquiring the details of the course or otherwise my payment might be blocked. I’ve added the necessary details but just before that, I was sent an email prompting me to attend my nearest JC to verify my student income details. Surely, they’ll know that only those who are disabled can qualify for a Maintenace loan for any cost of living needs, which I am not.
Would I have to attend?

Thank you

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Sorry I have no first hand experience maybe the above link might help.

Hi Sarah

Your best bet is to contact the Helpline. I suggest you email advice@carersuk.org for advice on this.