Help Please - Universal Credit and CA


I’ve recently been awarded Carers Allowance. I have added the Carers Element to Universal Credit but I know this is a separate thing from CA. They are aware that I am a carer now obviously as I have had this added and had to give them all the details.

On my journal when I declare my earnings, it asks about self employment earnings (I am part time self employed) but I thought it would also ask for my carers earnings as I know they deduct CA as they class it as earnings don’t they, but there was nowhere to declare it?

Will they know now I am in receipt of CA and just automatically adjust the Universal Credit award themselves every month?

Thank you

Welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry I don’t know.

You type out the question and post it on your UC journal for an advisor to respond too,

If they don’t know(!) they don’t always seem to know much about carer’s then try the Carers UK helpline, details on the New to the Forum thread.


Thanks Melly, they have no idea whenever I ask anything haha.

I will see what the payment is in a couple of days and check for deductions. if it’s not deducted I will have to contact them :frowning:

I had a lot of trouble claiming UC on behalf of S. I had To involve our MP in the end. I’m sorry to say the staff at Job Centre Plus were useless. :rage:Not helped by the computer system being one size fits all.

Good luck!