Full Time Study/CA/UC


I just started an access course to higher education (distance learning) and found out it counts as a full time course. Reading about how this effects my benefits, it would appear I can no longer get CA and wouldn’t normally get UC either. But the lines aren’t that clear (when are they).
My situation; full time carer to husband, work as and when needed (zero hour contract, which works for us) so income has been below the CA threshold, three dependants, UC with no claimant commitments.
As I already have a UC award with no claimant commitments and no student income, that may not be affected, possibly, from what I have read, but can’t be sure.

Can anyone clear this up for me please?
Many thanks.

I am unable to advise you on this but you can email the helpline advice@carersuk.org
See if they can advise you or keep checking back for replies.

Also ask them about where you stand when you go onto higher education.

Debbie, the rules are complicated.

It seems to me utterly illogical that when there are 168 hours in a week, and carers can be on call or caring through most of them, they are not allowed to have what I would call part time courses to help them get a good job when their caring role is over.

I had this problem about 30 years ago, when on a special mature students course, attending college just 7 hours a week.
Our local MP, when I challenged him on local radio, said that I’d be 40 when it finished, it would be better if I gave up the course and went out to get any job I could find!!!

I ignored his stupid advice, a few years later my husband died suddenly, but I was able to confidently run his business thanks to my degree, even when I was newly disabled!!!

I would love Carers UK to campaign for the right of carers to study part time whilst caring.