Turned down for pip because of contradiction due to illness

hi im new to the forum but am at my witts end my husband has been diagnosed around 8 months ago with mci memory problems its progressing really quickly since the diagnoses he has become very clumsy falling all the time and mutch worse with his memorywe have tried to claim pip 3 times now and have scored no points at all he has got other issues ie diabetes blood clots behind his left eye arthiritus and blocked corrotted arteries we think he has been turned down because he contradicts himself this is part of his illness as he gets really confused and cant seem to take in what people are saying we tried to help hin durinf a phone consultation but were told to be quiet and let him speak for himself i think because of this they took it that he was lying we did contact cab the last time we were turned down and they wanted us to appeal saying as far as they calculated he should have arounf 38 points and couldnt see why he had been refused but we didnt want to put him through a grilling from pip as he gets very anxious and confused .we also spoke to carers and they said there is something that can be done in situations like his does anyone know what it is we are really worried if they wont let us speak again the same thing will happen and he will be turned down again any help or ideas greatly appreciated

Hi Carole

What a horrible time you are having …

I just done a google search have a look at this link…


I don’t know personally about this organisation but it may be an idea …

Alternatively, I would suggest you try your M P.


I think before you attempt to contact the DWP again. You need to get someone to be in the home when the DWP call.