Transferring from DLA to PIP

Hi all, my adult daughter is transferring from an indefinite award of high rate care DLA to PIP. Included with the forms I sent a letter from her GP saying that due to her extreme anxiety she couldn’t cope with F2F assessment. She has also been assesssed as lacking in mental capacity by the court of protection so I put the court papers in there too. Last week we received a letter saying she is having a F2F assessment at home on the 31st. Can anyone tell me if there are DWP guidelines on assessing someone who lacks mental capacity for PIP. Many thanks.

I’m really sorry they have ignored what they have been told.

Have you completed the form already? I couldn’t do my son’s (no capacity, now 40) because I have arthritic hands, and so asked DWP to send someone to do it for me. He was brilliant, did the form for me, a few weeks later an OT rang me to just check a couple of facts, which seemed a formality, and it all went through smoothly, without them meeting my son at all.

I’d ring them up, when the first person you speak to inevitably gives you the official line, ask to speak to his/her line manager.

Hi Marie.

No better place to start than the Government web site on PIP assessments :

PIP assessment guide part 1: the assessment process - GOV.UK

MIND … the experts in this field … 2 links … the second one being a real heavyweight :

A recent thread will also be of assistance here :

Others will be along to add their insights.

Hi Marie,
Are you her appointee?
Someone came to interview S at home, I’m his appointee, he doesn’t have capacity either. I answered the (very stupid) questions on his behalf.


Thanks all, yes I have already submitted the forms. I am her appointee and her legally appointed deputy through the court of protection. Thanks for all your replies and the info.