Carers allowance been withdrawn prior to PIP interview

I am the carer for my daughter who has Asperger’s. My daughter has turned 16 so I have had to apply for PIP rather than DLA. My daughter’s assessment interview is next week but I received a letter from the Department today saying my carers allowance would stop from next month. Is this normal practice when we have not had the PIP interview/decision?

Hi Paul.

I can only assume that CA will stop when the DLA stops.

To confirm , either the CAB or Carers UK Advice Team ( Best by email ) :

In theory , PIP will be granted in advance of the DLA stopping … thus no break in receiving monies.

If only things were that simple in practice … numerous sources on the Internet … try a search … DLA TO PIP TRANSITION.

Plenty of text book type answers and … regretably … many horror stories posted on the major disability forums.

I hope things go smoothly.

Hello Paul. You may have seen that we have a Q&A on the forum this week covering all aspects of carers’ rights and benefits. I will forward your question onto Suzette, one of Carers UK’s helpline advisers, and she will post a response later in the week.

The Q&A thread is here:

With good wishes


Your daughter’s DLA stops at 16, so does your CA. Once PIP has been granted, your CA starts again. Nothing to worry about. Make sure that you become your daughter’s DWP Appointee so you still manage her benefits for her. She is officially an adult at 16 as far as DWP are concerned, and will also be entitled to some income support, ESA I think. Do NOT let her think the money is all hers to spend as she likes. The majority of it is to cover her living expenses! Really important to get good financial habits now, in readiness for when she moves away from home.


Nothing to worry about.

If only ?

In Paul’s case , I hope that’s true !

Hi Paul. I just wanted to let you know that our Helpline adviser has posted a message to your question on this thread here:

Yep … confirms earlier guidance given.

Let’s just hope the PIP assessment goes through … smoothly ?

Something no textbook adequately describes the reality of such sessions … unless written by someone with first hand experience ?

Apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

If your DLA is ending, you’ll get a letter inviting you to apply for PIP within 28 days. > If you do apply, your DLA will continue to be paid until at least 28 days after a decision is made about your PIP application.
If you’re eligible for PIP, you’ll start getting PIP payments as soon as your DLA payments end.

full info here -