Sons turns 16, I want to try to be his appointee

I am worried as my son turns 16 in October and the dreaded PIP forms will be heading out to fill in etc.
I want to be his appointee as his condition is rare in a child and he has V bed memory problems and cognitive issues, he has had MS for 10 years, it’s progressing and he has had cognitive and memory testing done twice in the past 3 years and well it’s not good and when he’s ever asked by his neurologist at appointments how are things all he says is”fine” and wants to go. He knows they (DWP) are sending someone out tomorrow, he’s not understanding much of why they are now expecting him to apply and talk to them after he’s 16, he just says ok and can he just say hi and go back to his room?

Any tips on what I can say to who they send out to let them allow me to be his appointee?
As I said my son was diagnosed 10 years ago and we/he has always been under neurologists at a well known city children’s hospital as his condition is rare in children, his neurologist isn’t transferring my son to an adult neurologist/hospital until he’s at least 18, even then it’s getting done slowly and I’ve to be there until my son until they see if he can ever talk about his symptoms getting worse or new ones happening.
I’m really worried about tomorrow, is there anyone that can give me advise so the guy who comes understands my son isn’t able to represent himself, it upsets me so much as this person doesn’t know my child, doesn’t know the hell hes been through regarding his MS and his future with MS, sorry to sound nasty but a mother is protective of her child but a mother who has a child with a long term progressive illness is as protective as you can get and it’s upsetting me so much that they think over night on his 16th birthday he’s an adult like any “normal” 16 year old, well he’s not going to be.

Thanks for any replies

The way I’m feeling when I open the door I’m going to burst of crying and tell the guy to go and learn about childhood MS then come back!!!

Hi Sandra,
Three times we have had the DWP visit over this - when S was on DLA and turned 16, when he was transferred to PIP and when I applied for UC for him … On each occasion the person has been pleasant, understanding and non-threatening.

S’s autism and related learning disability is probably more obvious than your son’s but my friend’s son appears more able and she was made his appointee too (he has dyspraxia, mild learning disability and is vulnerable/immature.)

The assessment is more to check that your son needs an appointee and wants you to be it and that you are suitable and acting in his best interests.

Do you have any written info on your son’s condition just in case?


Hi Melly1
Thank you.

No I haven’t although he has been tested twice for memory and cognitive issues and his score was 4/100 for his age ( was last done was he was 14) 100 being, good memory and cognitive for his then age and obviously lower the score the worse it is, I haven’t anything in writing but they can check with the psychologist that performs these tests plus his neurologist will tell them due to my sons condition that they are usually transition children 15//16 across to an adult hospital but he won’t be ready so he’s still going to be under the children’s hospital until at least 18 years old.

It’s terrible, I don’t know why but I am really upset today, probably as I don’t want my son to be felt to be “different “ at any time and tomorrow this stranger will be making him feel exactly that for a 15 year old.
Thank you

Contact DWP, ask for the form, fill it in and send it off.
You must have school reports or similar detailing his health issues.
Do NOT let him have all the money and then squander it! Benefits are set at the minimum level necessary for basic living, food, light, heat etc., leaving just about £25 for “personal expenses”.
As appointee, all the money should go into an account in YOUR name, but just for his money. From that account you can pay some into another account, his £25 personal living money.

I would strongly recommend a Cashplus Gold card, as with this, it’s impossible to go overdrawn. After endless problems, this system works well for my own son with LD.


Exactly. My son would think it was pocket money and just waste it or forget all about it.
I was going to do exactly as you have said and open an account in his name and put so much a money in it and start to learn him how to handle money responsibility, and what bills are essential however he will be living at home.

What forms do I need to ask DWP for?


DWP appointee form ?

Become an appointee for someone claiming benefits - GOV.UK

Normally completed by the interviewer and appontee at the time of the interview.

Recommend asking the interviewer to bring one with them ?


Well after all my worrying,the guy has been and couldn’t be any nicer, he filled in the form and I signed it to say I can still be my sons appointee when he turns 16, now the dreaded PIP forms to apply for when he turns 16.
That’s another massive worry however I can relax for 2 months after today.

Thank you to everyone who replied to me.


Don’t worry too much about PIP. My son’s changeover from DLA to PIP went through without any problem.