My Autistic son has an indefinite award of DLA . I have just heard that he has to apply for PIP . I am 62 years old and have been a career for him for 32 years, with very little help. I have been working in the morning , before he gets up, to answer the question “how your disability affects you” . I am in tears and so stressed out and keep having panic attacks ,I can’t possibly continue with this .The benefits system is weighted towards the more articulate, you feel you have to be an expert , as so much depends on it. I call this abuse. My son is extremely challenging to care for , which is more than enough for me . I cannot even let him know that this is happened . He has such severe anticipatory anxiety, I can’t even let him know he has a dentist appointment until the morning of the day it is on. He does not tolerate meeting people and avoids them always, he only goes out with support to remote places for a walk , if he meets anyone he becomes very stressed. So putting him through a face to face and then waiting ( as he will know about the change then) weeks for a result , cannot happen . I have decided this morning not to claim . I would rather starve than put us both through this.

Hi Lynda … quite a bit on the forum covering this issue :


726 references as I type.

Externally , CAB web site has a full sp :

Moving from DLA to PIP - Citizens Advice

I have decided this morning not to claim . I would rather starve than put us both through this.

Perhaps , in time , you will reconsider … for the sake of your son ?

Don’t panic. Ring DWP and ask them to fill in the form for you. I did this - I have very arthritic hands that can’t hand write more than a few lines. The man that came was very helpful, he made it clear that his role was purely form filler, not assessor. I can’t recommend this service highly enough!
My own son also had a life time award, he is brain damaged.

Are you getting any help from Social Services?
When did you last have a Carers Assessment, and your son, a Needs Assessment?

Hi Lynda don’t give. Up our son now 33 also had to change from DLA to PIP and was turned down even thou it stated for his DLA was indefinite. It seems the system is made to make it so awkward the claiment just gives up before even trying.
We ask for a review and at the same time contacted our MP to ask why the DWP did not take any consideration to the claiments indefinite in their DLA.
My MP has writen to the appropriate minister and the DWP to ask the same question and will let us know soon.
In the meantime our son has now recieved full PIP.
Get advice and keep going .


Does your son have a social worker? If no, then access your local autism hub - the 10 year autism review has had a go at all local authorities for not adhering to the autism act and they will have to provide a ASD Social work team and under 18’s are covered by the autism act which says a diagnosis must be provided within 13 weeks - request a care assessment and contact community care law firms for assistance


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Lynda, you wrote you original post in July, I do hope you applied and it went through OK?
An update would help other forum members.