Toilet weirdness..apologies it's gross


My Dad has recently confessed to some really weird toilet behaviour. He doesn’t flush any solid waste away, he fishes it out in nappy bags and puts it in the bin. Does anyone have any experience of anyone doing this or similar? Is it a sign of anything ? His post hospital discharge psychiatric team were told and their response was “at least it is contained” presumably meaning he’s bagging it (sorry told you it was gross. He “rationalises” as if there’s nothing unusual behaviour. He’s an arrogant , bossy man by nature (all his life not age related) so simply acts as if I am fussy and a bit of a snob when I told him it wasn’t right. He has an appointment with a geriatric psychiatrist soon and it’s one of many things I will discuss with him when we attend .

It’s exhausting…

Never heard of that before. Hopefully the doctor will take it into consideration when they examine your father.

I’ve never heard of it before either. Have heard lots of dreadful things ( and saw) when my late hubby was in a nursing home.
Is your dad reverting back to days when he was younger? Outside toilets , shared toilets that caused embarrassment/ problems?
I’m really second guessing here, just maybe helping you to think differently. What a difficult situation for you. Let’s hope the behaviour ends soon.

I can imagine how you find that distressful. Has Dad lived abroad at all? I remember visiting Cyprus once where they don’t flush toilet paper, or was his childhood home toilet subject to blockages? There might be a long ago reason why he is doing this, but not acceptable today. Hard one to deal with.

Thanks all :slightly_smiling_face:
No he’s never lived abroad and the other thing I can think about him reverting to is that when mum was alive he was her carer and dealt with her toileting and commodes etc. He was her sole carer and is used to going to the loo being work and effort rather than something where you flush and go. (Can’t believe I’m having to think of this on a sunny afternoon…,) His time was taken up with so much of my mum’s personal care and he is at a loss of what to do with his time and makes hard work out of everything. I’m just guessing here …but will make sure psychiatrist is fully aware.

Does Alzheimers ever present with similar odd behaviours like this? Am totally out of my depth.

Sadly dementia of all kinds causes odd behaviour. Every one is unique with symptoms. I can’t get you the link for researching dementia , but one or more of our lovely forum members will I’m sure.!
Try not to let this worry overtake your thoughts too much. Enjoy the sunshine if you can

Hi Violet,
I agree with Pet, don’t get “bogged down” :laughing: * by thinking too much about the toilet issue. Write down the concerns you want to raise and then focus on the lovely sunshine.

There is info on dementia here


  • don’t take offence, I’m not making light of your concerns; but often find having a laugh is a good coping strategy.

I agree gallows humour is required in things like this :grin:

Thanks for the link.

No matter how strange these things may sound, I hope you will continue posting what may concern you.


Thanks it makes sense, though I have trouble getting my head around it all. The pattern I can see is that when Mum was here going to the toilet was “work” and it’s normal for him to have many steps to take rather than flush and go. He making it a job again because that’s his norm for the past 5 or so years ( excuse the job pun…)

It’s just another thing to tell the psychiatrist.


Agree with Honey Badger. Poo is a big part of Carerworld!