Time off from work childcare and covid

Hi I’m currently caring for my partner and child, my partner has a ms condition which mainly affects balance and we have a toddler…

My partner can be left at home alone on her own but not with toddler so I have to make sure toddler goes in nursery when I’m working…

I’ve already had a battle with work to permanently to reduce my hourss just before the COVID pandemic to care for partner and child…

My worry is if they do close nurseries I will need to take time off work to care for them both… grandparents used to help out but can’t at the mo due to household mixing

Would I loose my job if I have to take time off because of the pandemic

Hi Lee,
currently nurseries are able to stay open.

If they close and you can’t work from home, it appears your employers can furlough you. Here is an information sheet: