Advice re working carers and taking time off work please

Hi Everyone, wondering if anyone can advise me please.
I work for the NHS (medical receptionist) but I also care for my daughter who has several conditions that make her vulnerable to infection etc (although she doesn’t meet the criteria for a government letter) .
The placement which she usually attends is closed to all apart for a few “front line staff families” therefore I am currently off work at home with her.
My employer rang me today and said they will pay me the first 2 weeks wages but as I wasn’t off work due to having symptoms and I hadn’t been furloughed that I would have to look down the benefits line.
She said with staying home to look after a vulnerable adult and with receiving carers allowance (I only work 8 hours per week) I should be able to claim “something”.
I’ve tried all the links and can’t see anything therefore wondering if Injust have to take time off unpaid? …can anyone advise please.
Many Thanks :pray:

I’ve tried all the links and can’t see anything therefore wondering if Injust have to take time off unpaid?

As a holding reply , first step may well be getting your employment situation sorted out with your union.

Any employment contract ?

What has that to say for itself ?

As for benefits , an online benefits calculator will give you an indication as to what may be available :

Once things become clearer , perhaps either the CAB or Carers UK Advice team for a definitive reply.

Links to both available if needed.

What age is your daughter. Your daughter needs to be already receiving DLA or PIP. For you to claim carers allowance. If she doesn’t then she/you could apply.

If your daughter is in receipt yes you can apply.

You could try a benefits calculator. But keep in mind only when you fill in application. Will you really know what you would be entitled too.

Your daughter could also claim UC if she doesn’t have large savings. I dont know exact figure.

Uc is £251 per week. May be going up £20 per month due to Corona.

That is for anyone under 25 I believe. More if older.

Surely working in the NHS even in the background is essential work and makes you a keyworker? Can you go at things from another angle and get a keyworker letter from your employer to gain access to a placement.

Part 2

Includes the following phrase
"the support and specialist staff required to maintain the UK’s health and social care sector; "

Furloughing … the new buzz word … an article from the Daily Mail :

Thank you for all of the advice everyone.
I’ve been advised I may be entitled to UC and have registered online.
I now have to arrange a telephone appt but after being on hold for a total of over 4 hours thus far, I haven’t succeeded in arranging this yet.
Hey ho, we shall see.

Many many thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hi Henrietta,
My daughter has problems with her chest and easily picks up infections and has been hospitalised several times with pneumonia, she also has a heart condition therefore to protect her it was deemed safer for her to be at home.
Unfortunately I’m a single parent and don’t have any carers coming in so have no choice.

Thank you for your advice though, appreciate it :slight_smile: