Probably having to give work up to care for partner

Hi finding this bit tough lately me and my partner had a baby back in October since baby’s been born my partners balance has been really affected she has a rare serious medical condition that will only deteriorate.

I’ve been told by midwifes,health visitor, social workers that she cannot be left alone with baby which is understandable risk of falls and carrying baby is a no no

Social worker has put 18 hours care in the home which enables me to go back to work for those short hours not really any good

I’ve always worked full time 48 hr working week worked for the same company from leaving school I’m 37 years old now.

The company have agreed to trial me 3 months part time work to see if it works for me and the company however I’m seeing its causing lots of problems there side, I’m expecting them to either finish me or make me resign after the trial.

I’m not sure what to do if I loose my job can I claim anything for caring, I really want to keep working if I can but also need to be at home a lot more. Anxiety and stress levels never felt before

Not sure where to turn

Think you should go to citizens advice to see exactly what you would be entitled to.
Good luck…

Welcome to the forum. It’s a huge dilemma for you.

Can I ask what is the matter with your partner, is it a physical, or a mental problem?

I would urge you to keep working if you can. As a carer you have special rights to “reasonable adjustments” as you are “disabled by association”.

Have you asked Social Services for a Carers Assessment?
Has your partner had a SS Needs Assessment?
Is she now claiming any disability benefits?

Bugle call !

Online benfits calculator for that benefits / allowances m.o.t. :

Time to crunch some numbers ?

Housing / Council Tax … all sorted … any potential discount / disregard for the latter ?

Purely on the work angle , time to seek out your local Union rep ???

Perhaps the Carers UK Advice team … contact details follow … best by email :

Be interesting to learn if they can handle employment issues … given the number of carers juggling work with caring out there ?

The word DISCRIMINATION … when applied to carers juggling work with caring.

Plenty on that one in past postings.

Hi my partner has a condition called ataxia Telangiectasia A T

Yes she has been put on DLA high mobility and middle rate care

Social worker has provided caters to go in the home

Hi Lee,
A suggestion is that instead of social care funding 18 hours care at home/ or as well as(!) they look at funding a daytime childminder/ nursery placement for your baby, you could drop the baby off on your way to work and collect her on the way home. Lots of babies have this sort of arrangement if both parents work, though of course, with two incomes to cover the childcare.

An alternative would be for your wife and baby to both go to a specialist foster carers/ Shared Lives carer home during the day for a day placement, where your wife could be supported to care for your baby. The professional carer could carry the baby and involve your wife in the rest of the care. Once again,this would need arranging and funding.

Don’t give up work, until you have explored these options.


Hi Lee … me again.

Child care costs ?

If NOT funded , plenty recently in the news on " Traps " for those working for minimum wage or thereabouts.

It will definately be worthwhile looking into this aspect fully.

Universal Credit is also a factor … beware … especially if already rolled out on your manor.

MoneyAdviceService … excellent guidance on this :