The Top Shelf . . . and it's not "Adults Only"

A mobility-challenged but mentally astute caree can create havoc in the fridge and larder. The weekly pilgrimage to Waitrose often results in an “off the script” purchase of some eye-catching item. Likewise, the recipes in the magazines that these supermarkets freely distribute include certain exotic ingredients not readily available elsewhere.

“Please, Denis, make sure this is on the home-delivery order.”

As a result, a whole jar of some interesting flavour of chutney or something is purchased for the sake of one spoonful required for the recipe. You get the picture! Several packets or jars of part-used ingedients cluttering up the fridge - indefinitely if you are not organised.

I do try to organise the fridge and freezer by category - to a degree anyway. There are sections for bottles, for vegetables and fruit, for meat and for dairy produce.

And there is a section for things that are hanging around for too long. I move these to the top shelf. It brings these slow movers together into a prominent position, so I am constantly reminded of their presence. My caree is not short of ideas for new recipes to try, but needs a little help in how to use up things that are lingering in the fridge. She does not get to look in there very often, but may be able to find a recipe to use up an item brought to her attention.

There are often simple ways to use up ingredients. Chutney, for instance, goes well as a spread for ham sandwiches.

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this made me laugh thanks