Bottle in the frig

I wonder how many carers use the bottle in the frig system, whereby all medication details etc
are written down and kept in a small bottle in the frig ?
Then ambulance, fire brigade and police can find it if called out.

Hello Albert. I have one of those bottles in the fridge for my husband. We were given it by our Admiral Nurse. It seems a very sensible & practical scheme.

I do wonder if ALL services in ALL parts of the country know of this system
and would look in the frig?

At one time they were regularly handed out - we were given one by the Alzheimer’s Society when I was caring for Mum along with a sticker which could be put on the outside of the fridge or a kitchen noticeboard to advise of it’s whereabouts.

We have one but I havent put it in the fridge! Are you meant to put meds in it or just info?

Just Info, not medications, think my husband would need a bucket for all his medications!!