Frozen meals

Hello, my elderly mum is becoming increasingly disenchanted with Wiltshire Farm Foods so I’m researching possible alternatives. Oakhouse seem to have very variable reviews. Does anyone have good reports of frozen meals delivered to the door please?

We had a thread on this.

Most people seem to like Wiltshire Farm Foods but my brother didn’t and I could see his point. I recommend Cook! who apparently do deliver to the door but they are expensive.

Do we assume there is a dislike to marks and waitrose meals.

Add Iceland to those two ?

Elderly people gradually lose their sense of smell and taste, so it’s not the food that’s bland, it’s their ability to taste/smell!

[/quoteDo we assume there is a dislike to marks and waitrose meals

If you have carers in it’s good to have things that you can microwave from frozen. M&S definitely have things you can freeze, but they don’t give advice on how to microwave from frozen.

[/quoteElderly people gradually lose their sense of smell and taste, so it’s not the food that’s bland, it’s their ability to taste/smell

This is certainly part of it, you are right, Bowlingbun. But please try Wiltshire Farmhouse Foods and report back!

I never buy frozen meals! Mum passed away a few years ago.

No, I didn’t think you did and I didn’t think we were talking about your mother. I just wanted to emphasize my opinion of Wiltshire Farm Foods. :slight_smile: The very name is suspicious.

I mentioned mum because she did have Wiltshire Farm Foods and various other meals delivered to her home, but she said they all tasted the same, unaware that the problem was her dwindling taste buds, not the food itself.

Ah yes. We didn’t use them for long.

My caree dumped Oakhouse in favour of WFF :slight_smile: She’s also been investigating a company - can’t remember the name - which does similar but long-life meals which don’t need freezing. I think they advertise in supplements somewhere …

Aldi do some really nice ready meals and are very reasonable. The ones my Mum has range for around £2.00- £4.00.They are not delivered to your door but worth it I think. Obviously you can freeze them but they come chilled.Shes had- lasagne, cottage pie, chicken stew and dumplings, a chicken dinner etc.
I’d give these a try.

The problem is that if you have carers coming in, it’s good to have meals that can be microwaved from frozen. Carers won’t think to defrost a meal the day before.

Is WFF any good or not? I work full time and need some meals I can quickly heat up in the microwave for dinner particularly. If Wiltshire Farm Foods is not good, can anyone recommend any other companies? Thanks in advance!

I might try them then. They sound delicious!

My Mum was a great cook and never ate any convenience foods. However when she got into her 90s she had days when she was so tired she could hardly stand let alone cook. A couple of days a week she went to a luncheon club and weekends she was at mine so I knew she was eating well at least 4 days a week.

I used to buy her frozen ready meals from Tesco for emergency use. She liked the cottage pie, shepherds pie and lasagne. They were very reasonable.

I used to visit a lady who had WFF meals and they never looked that great. My 90 year old Auntie had WFF meals for a few weeks but didn’t like them so has stopped. She was a cook in her younger days.

“Wiltshire Farm Foods” you may call them on 0800 077 3100.

I found WFF quite acceptable, not like dinner at the Ritz but very adequate, I was happy to order the meals for myself as a lazy way of keeping myself fed with minimum effort .while staying at my mother’s. I’ve certainly eaten worse and paid more for it .

My mother at the time had just come out of hospital having had a near fatal bout of sepsis and she had no appetite what so ever, she still hasn’t to be honest. Getting her to eat is a constant battle.

WFF would have been a really great way of re-establishing her independence. Allowing me to be away “having a life” and just returning every few days to clean and take care of the day to day stuff, do the washing, change the beds etc. All she had to do was heat and eat

Her objection to WFF came as a surprise, I thought they were a pretty good solution to the problem as it appeared to me at the time but every objection under the sun seemed to be found. I don’t care for that one, don’t like the way they do their potatoes, vegetables are too hard, not much meat in that one.

In the first instance it was a cover to hide the lack of appetite but the next bit may be difficult to believe. I suspect she didn’t want to be that independent.
I believe (sincerely) that what she was saying was “don’t leave me” If this experiment with WFF had worked she knew I would be gone for 50% of the time and she didn’t want that.


We had a leaflet through our door yesterday from Parsley Box… I quote “No Fridge. No Freezer. Innovative vacuum seal means you can store our meals in your cupboard for 6 months!” May be worth a look?

We have some M&S mini meals and add more veggies to them sometimes, but I get them when out for shopping.

Best wishes.

Just taken a look Pauline because I’m nosey! They need to increase their vegetarian range.