The PIP forms

The PIP forms have landed. Its been such a stressful week. Going through all the illnesses again is traumatic.
Trying to get the evidence for the new conditions from the GP is a nightmare. The care navigators don’t seem to get what I need. Twice now I’ve tried. Back again tomorrow. I’ve only got till Tuesday.
How hard can it be to provide the summary paperwork from a headinjury neuropathy and charcots foot. I would like to run away.
The thing is if one benefit breaks down they all do.
Just so sick of how disablesd people are treated and so sick of having all the responsibility of chasing around for paperwork.

There’s something fundamentally wrong.
The monetary side is a closed loop, they are all connected to each other.
Yet the medical side is in vertical silos with a mile high foot thick steel wall between each one.

We don’t have PIPs so I can’t help out at all, but I hope you get it done smoothly and swiftly tomorrow. Good luck.

Be sure to return the form within time given, you don’t have to produce written evidence of everything. If they want more information, they can ask for it. If you get the form back in time, the claim is backdated to the date you originally applied.

They can also contact the doctors for more information/confirmation of diagnosis. Make sure you get the form back.

I strongly advise sending all communications by recorded delivery. My son’s form got lost between the DWP postroom and their administrators, so they pretended it hadn’t arrived and stopped his money.

Thanks for that, Starfish - I agree.

Good luck. I remember filling the form for my Mum after Dad died. The government wanted her to start working but she had really bad arthritis and has had mobility issues all her life.

Write absolutely loads on the form. They can contact the GP or hospital if they have any questions.

Take a photo of each page so you remember what you wrote.

Do they still do those awful medical examinations? I remember going to it with Mum. It was a nightmare! One minute into it they said she wasn’t able to work and sent us packing! Wish they had said that before asking us to go in.