The General Data Protection Regulation someone deceased

When I was dealing with problem regarding my house please read this forum posting
the problem I had for information.

After gets information from a local council regarding claim I made to transfer money from one account to another. I was told by council that they could not discuss it with me even though I’m the only living relative she had so I made a formal complaints through the council’s feedback team and this is their reply;

I can confirm that you contacted our contact centre in August regarding the status of your late mother’s rent account. Unfortunately, since you were not a joint tenant at the time of her death and due to our policy and procedure and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which prohibits the sharing of personal information without consent , the officers at the contact centre were unable to provide you with the information you requested .

If you get something like this is incorrect because I checked up with Google prior to sending my original letter to them in August and phoned the information commission make sure that the information was correct. To cut a long story short I sent their letter to the information commission and this is their reply to my local councils statement.

Thank you for your email received on 11 October 2018 which I have attached for reference.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is concerned with the processing of personal data of living individuals.
Therefore the right of access will not apply to personal information about your deceased mother.
Whether or not information can be provided to you will depend on the organisations own policies and procedures.

I send them a letter stating that they have 30 days to pay the money or taken to Small Claims Court.
The council now admitted their mistakes and have now apologised for their actions and the money has been transferred from one account to the other after finding out the council was concerned that a relative does not exist might sue them for the money.

I hope this help someone in a similar situation.

Thanks for posting that , Robert.

I can envisage certain utility companies / care home operators / landlords playing hardball with the GDP Regulation … especially those owing monies to the recently deceased ?

Another advantage of Powers of Attorney ( Although they cease on the death of the donor. )

It will certainly be useful perhaps … if CUK itself will post some guidance for all family / kinship carers on the death of their caree ?

On second thoughts , another " Sticky " to add to my list of stickies to do ?

Couple of external sites with general guidance …AGE UK and the Government itself :

What to do when someone dies - what should I do next? | Age UK

What to do after someone dies: Register the death - GOV.UK