Thank you

I just wanted to say that I have only just found this forum and it’s exactly what I have been needing and lookig for, for a decade. We are ex pat Brits and I suspect the enforced move abroad with my husband’s work was what triggered my daughter’s mental health issues 10 years ago. It has been an awful time for her - and as a result us. Self harm, depression, anxiety, isolation, eating issues, self medication issues. We can access all sorts of health care and medication, counseling, psychologists all of which only help out temporarily. I have been intermittently exhausted, depressed, anxious to the point of not being able to maintain work or a social life and I have often felt very isolated while dealing with the situation. As so many of you have written - other children and partners also suffer. Just discovering that so many others of you are here with similar situations has given me such a sense of relief - I am no longer alone.

Hi & Welcome

Are you still living abroad?

What age is your daughter?

Hi Gillian,

Welcome to the forum. If Gillian is your real name, can I suggest you choose something different, so you are totally anonymous. Bowlingbun is a mixture of my surname and where I live, never played bowls in my life!