Hi - first post

Just a quick hello and to introduce myself. I am a Mum of two girls. My oldest (19 years old) has had mental health problems for around 4 years. It has been an awful few years and they have taken their toll on me, somewhat. I was googling the latest development in her life, and stumbled upon this forum. I will post more in the Mental Health board, but didn’t want to head straight there without introducing myself because that would be rude! :wink:

Hi Kathryn,
Thank you for introducing yourself.

Welcome to the forum, I hope you find it friendly and supportive.

I care for S, he’s 27 and has autism.


Hi Kathryn and welcome
My boy had a bad time late teens early 20s . Never diagnosed with anything as he refused to go to doctors. Eventually with loads of support from us he seems through it, though it was tough on us all, mostly me!

Feel free to search my posts, it was scary at times. This forum was a life saver for me and now I try to repay the kindness and support. And I’ve learned an awful lot about caring in general too.


Hi Kathryn, Welcometo tge forum. My son is 25 years and has mild Aspergers and depression and anxiety problems. He did well at school but has gone downhill ever since. He has not been able to hold any job for more than a few days. To make things even worse he mixes with the wrong type of people who get him into trouble.