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I’m 32, and suffered from my own mental health for many years. However, particularly lately my rock has helped me get through my dark days, so that I am watching our lovely daughters, 18 months and 4, grow into amazing girls. Unfortunately due to her being abused as a child, she suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Post Natal Depression. This has flared up since the end of last year with her making multiple attempts at her life, having to be taken to hospital on 2 occasions. I was on a teacher training course, but have obviously had to defer that as not able to stretch myself to cope with a demanding course, and having to run a house and keep everyone in it safe.

I love my family and would do anything to keep them safe, they kept me alive so now its time to return the favour.

Hi Simon and welcome,
It sounds like life is tough. Glad your children are thriving. Do you both have support with your MH?
Teaching is tough career, the first years are the hardest, so I think you were right to defer.


Simon, what help is your wife getting for her post natal depression?

My sister in law (brother’s wife) was very ill after the birth of her second child, was admitted to hospital for about three months, and then went to live with her mum in Egypt for a few more months with her first child (leaving me with the baby) until she was well enough to be a proper mum again.

That was a very long time ago, I believe that now there are a lot of support groups.

“Post partum psychosis” is the proper name in the most severe form. Do make sure the doctors realise how much she is suffering, and how much she needs help.

Hi Simon, welcome to the forum. I’m really sorry to hear you’re going through a difficult time. I have posted a response to your other thread which provides more detail.

Thank you.

She is currently under our local mental health hospitals community team. So seen by them once a week, the health visitor once a week, Action for Children once a week and being assessed whether she is stable enough for CAT therapy.

So overall getting a certain amount of help. Just got to hope its enough to help her through this tough time. As I said in my other post. I have to beat her suicidal intentions everytime, those intentions only have to win once. Not great odds, and ones I am terrified that I will lose.