Teen mental health

Hi this is my first post . My daughter has always been overly anxious but she still managed school and socially . 5 years ago she started to decline , since then she has struggled with agoraphobia, eating disorder , self harm , suicidal ideation , depression, trichotilomania, general anxiety disorder . I have been her only carer at home with added (limited) support from Camhs and eating disorder team . This year she made progress and started to go on small walks near the house but everything stopped again 2 months ago . She no longer goes out, doesn’t meet friends , struggles with food , struggles with body image , depression etc etc etc . My entire life the past 5 years has been devoted to supporting and encouraging her , I’ve listened to professional advice and followed every step . I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong but clearly I’m failing her . I now feel depressed , hopeless and everyday I just long for bedtime and then I pray she won’t keep me awake all night with panic attacks . I feel selfish for feeling that . It’s been years now and I miss my daughter , I miss going places with her , laughing and holidays . I want what’s best for her , but I’m not sure it’s me any longer . I’m exhausted. I know I’m her mum , this is my role . I love her so much but I don’t know what else I can do to help her .

Hi Anni

Sorry things are so difficult. This is far too much for one person to deal with. Must be so hard for you to see her struggle so much.

How old is your daughter. I feel that she needs a MDT around her to gradually tease out and sort everything out.

Sounds like she was making progress and then it stopped. Was that triggered by Covid cases increasing. My two got very anxious…one still incredibly so. One of mine suddenly refused to go out anywhere.

Has she spoken to you about why she thinks the downward spiral happened?

Was she at a mainstream school. Did she ever have an EHCP?

Hi Anni,

I totally understand as I am in a similar situation. My teenaged son suffers from different mental health issues, and I am his go-to person. It’s relentless - sometimes I can’t even finish hanging out the washing.

Am happy for you to message me and support each other…