Text from dr surgery rescue pack

we have been aware of some inaccurate information circulatingregarding special rescue packs for patients with pre existing respiratory conditions such as asthma copd pleasedo not contact surgery for rescue pack you should contine to manage your condition in the usual way and if you feel you have symptons on covid 19 call 111 before you do anything else

with my condition bronchiectasis i am on my 8th lot of antibotics since xmas due to bugs in my spit so how can anyone manage there condition at home who need antibotics , because everytime i finish antibotics i have to give in another sample of spit and now we are in lockdown so now what happens ?

“Medical Reasons” - is one of the criteria that allows you to leave home. Phone your GP practice.

24th March 2020 - Mr Johnson said everybody should stay at home and would only be allowed to leave for specific reasons:

Shopping for “basic necessities”, as infrequently as possible.

Medical reasons, to provide care, or to help a vulnerable person

Travelling to and from work, but only if it is “absolutely necessary”

thanks for your reply , dr surgery will not let anyone with cold / flu like symptoms go to the surgery , i am a main carer for my wife who is mentally ill , i also suffer with chronic pain in my spine so we are both vulnerable and told to say in for a further 2 weeks as my wife has had a cough for 8 weeks she is asthmatic with copd , we had a note from goverment to say in for 12 weeks to be being very vulnerable

Patients with cold/flu usually postpone their surgeries. It is because your body is weak when you sick, and surgery is an additional stress, which you might not be able to handle.

This is not about having surgery, but about going to the doctor’s surgery (office). Maybe you are in the USA and misunderstood it.

With the current situation, everything became very complicated. If you have the regular flu, you cannot leave your house and need to be tested for the COVID19. A couple of days ago I got flu. I was tested, and thankfully it wasn’t coronavirus. Anyway, the main issue is that I signed up for lip fillers Now, I have to postpone my procedure in a few weeks because I have flu, and apparently I cannot do it when I’m sick. It is bad that when you have the regular flu, you also cannot leave your house, because you look too dangerous for other people.

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I agree with Ajay re going out for medical reasons.

If you need to give a sample, can you ask for the gp surgery to post you a sample tube? Does the surgery have a drop box for samples or can you arrange for someone in the surgery to step outside so they can get the sample vial from you?

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