Boris Johnson issues update on six coronavirus rules

i cant see that this will work as there has all ready been riots in the uk over lockdown

Stay at home as much as possible
Work from home if you can
Limit contact with other people
Keep your distance if you go out (2 metres apart where possible)
Wash your hands regularly
If you or anyone in your household has symptoms, you all need to self-isolate

with symptoms for covid 19 as we know there are loads eg normal cold are we expected to say in for the rest of our lives
how are you suppose to get any help for pre existing conditions if you cant go to see dr due to cold as its normal to have a cold this time of year …

You can still go and see your doctor. I came up with a lump on the side of my face which doubled overnight, and then doubled again. Felt a bit like an abcess but my teeth were fine. I went to the surgery that runs at our local hospital at weekends. Had to dial 111 to be triaged, they gave me an appointment, I had to dial a number when I arrived, the doctor came out to the entrance of the Minor Injuries Unit, escorted me in, gave me antibiotics and sent me home. All took under an hour from leaving home to getting back. I’d got an infection in my Parotid gland. Never heard of that one before.

It’s just working differently, but I felt very safe throughout. Now I’ve started the antibiotics, my face feels better too!

Not sure about this one. However, is all down to personal responsibility. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee everyone will interpret this the same. Have to wait until tonight - does that include individuals with 12 weeks letters. Can go out or does the previously rule(stay at home) still apply to them.

as we suffer from bronchiectasis , asthma , copd , chronic pain , we have tried to get dr appointment at the surgery and they wont let us in due to having a cold , i am bunged up feels like a head cold heavy eyes , sneezing , slight cough , no temp , etc only been outside in garden with wife and dog , i also have a ear infection been on 10 lots of antibotics since xmas due to repeat infections so at the moment all we can have is phone advice from gp , if we call 111 then a ambulance is sent out then we get told of by ambulance hq and dr surgery
so is it diferent advice from different surgerys regarding colds / covid 19

Are we talking postcode lottery again? Or chronic versus acute symptoms
I wonder.

I’m very glad BB seems to be on road to recovery. I’ve never heard of that either.