Supporting my daughter


I am new to the forum. I am struggling to support my daughter with her anxiety and depression especially at this time. She does have private counselling which is helping a little bit but sometimes I just don’t know how to help her for the best. She has lots of ‘rules’ that she has established and worries about losing time. She hasn’t slept well for a while and wasn’t feeling well when she went to bed last night. Now, because she woke up late and won’t be able to ‘achieve’ all the tasks she has set for herself she has decided to stay in bed. I know this will have a knock on affect for the rest of the week, as if she misses her exercise it skews her. We are working on breaking or bending the rules but this is the first time she has stayed in bed. Do I let her do it or try and be a bit more forceful about her getting up? We have already spoken but she said she just can’t do it. I am all for her resting but am worried about he negative spin she will go into if she doesn’t get up. She is 23.

Hi Victoria

Such a worrying time for you!

Has this been a long term problem. Or a relatively new one.

Have you considered a personal trainer. Where the trainer would be arriving at a set time. So you daughter might feel more motivated in getting up.