Carer burnout


How do others avoid carers burnout?

I care for my teenage Daughter - I work p/t and I am a single parent with no family within 100 miles.

My Daughter has very little other support in place.

I do not have any time to myself (I haven’t been out alone for more than 16 months).

I am finding that my levels of anxiety and depression are really high at the moment but I cannot access my GP as I have no-one to watch my Daughter.

Any hints and tips gratefully received.

Hi Nic

How old is your daughter. If she is school age is she going back to school in September? How much support does she need?

Being a single parent will be tough, more so without family support. How many hours a week do you work?

GPS should speak with you over the phone… i rarely get to see my GP. If anxiety is an issue then do call them.

Do you get eight hours sleep a night, and manage to walk outside once
a day…these two things alone will help reduce anxiety and depression to a degree. However, the GP would need to decide if the anxiety and depression needs medication.

If you can get some me time every day…something like half an hour listening to music that is good for anxiety reduction.

Hopefully others will be along with ideas.

Welcome to the forum.
My son is 41, severe learning difficulties, he went into residential care, boarding school, when he was 16 and I was burned out after no support for 2 years.
Tell us more about your daughter and her care needs, and we should be able to help in some way.

Can you give more information on your daughters age and any disabilities etc.

Has your daughter ever had a needs assessment and you a carers assessment.

Are you aware of any local carers groups in your area.

We can help more information is helpful.