Support bubble when full time unpaid carer for my husband

Hi just wondered if anyone can clarify something for me. My husband and I are the only ones in our household and I am his full time unpaid carer as he has MS. Under the new rules am I able to bubble with my daughter as I am the only adult in the household who is not disabled.


Hi Julie,

The Government’s Covid-19 Winter Plan states:

2 Support Bubble: A support bubble is an exclusive close support network between two households. It means you can have close contact with that household as if they were members of your own. From 2 December, you can form a support bubble with another household, if at least one has:
• only one adult; (including a household where any children are under the age of 18)
• only one adult carer (i.e. living with any additional adult(s) in the household that have a disability and
require continuous care);
• a child under 1 (regardless of how many other adults are in the household) ; or
• a child under 5 with a disability that requires continuous care (regardless of how many other adults are in the household) … r_Plan.pdf

So if your husband cannot be left alone and needs continuous care; then yes, you can.


Thanks Melly that answers my question I thought that was the case but it hasn’t been very well communicated. Take care

No Julie it hasn’t. It isn’t openly broadcast, it’s hidden away.