Support Bubble: Under 5 years of age

This isn’t intended as a rant, I wish to have a better understanding of the logic used on the rules relating to Support Bubbles.

Can anyone explain to me why a child with a disability has to be under 5 years old to enable you to form a Support bubble?

Surely anyone caring for any person with additional needs or a disability should be able to form such a bubble? I am at a complete loss as to why there is an age barrier relating this. Does a disabled child under 5 need more care than a child/person over that age? Carers UK stance appears to be approval for this new allowance to the rules but they should be fighting for more flexibility on this.

We have autistic 9 year old twins with complex severe learning difficulties. As going to my parents is the only respite I get and seeing that respite is allowed in any tiers, I am going to assume that a bubble can be formed.

I agree Nicola, I don’t understand what makes a family with a child under 5 with a disability need support more than a family with children over 5 with a disability. Unless, the argument is that children over 5 should be going to school and that parents get a break then? (In which case, they have little understanding how tough school holidays can be, especially during Covid.)


Are the under 5s maybe less susceptible to contracting Covid, or less affected if they do get it?

I’m nor familiar with any rule concerning under 5’s?

Absolutely. I really had hoped they learnt from the first lockdown and the pressures it put on anyone caring with someone with a disability. Although they have relaxed the rules slightly, they haven’t gone anywhere near far enough!.

I considered that but then they make rules such as being able to form a support bubble if: “You live with a child under 1, or who was under 1 on 2 December 2020”. Therefore, if I had two older children and also a baby, I would still be able to form a support bubble.

You can form a support bubble if: “You live with a child under 5, or who was under 5 on 2 December 2020, who has a disability and requires continuous care.”

I thought anyone with a disability could have a support bubble?
Yet another example of how unpaid carers are being ignored and taken for granted??
My son is 41 but operates at pre school level in some areas.

Apparently not. Yes, this feels like yet another example of unpaid carers being completely ignored.

I am not an ignorant person and have followed of the guidance since March, however I will now do what I feel is best for my family.