Stressed for the future

Hello Good morning, how are you feeling today?
My is 26years old and has autism with learning difficulties, he was at 2 different residential placement for 12years, he didn’t have smooth transition. He moved back home in 2017 , since then I am struggling to find him to do things, unfortunately he is just talking about residential placement finding it difficulties to move forward.
Since lockdown he had became obssieve towards to Tarot cards readers, ask them when will my soulmate will get touch with me.

When he was in St Mary’s residential placement, he liked this girl, but they never used to talk to each other, after 8 years he started saying that we have a spiritual relationship, he is keep send her messages on her Facebook, Instagram, email looking at her pictures throughout the day, the girl doesn’t even no nothing what is happening, when we try to explain him he get get very angry and starts throwing things, recently he throw the hoover downstairs and it’s completely broken please advise I am not getting any support from any where

This is dreadful.
Definitely time for a residential college or similar, where he can learn to be more mature.
My son has severe learning difficulties, he went to Fairfield Opportunity College in Warminster. It was wonderful, he went from a boy to a man there, taking much more responsibility for himself and his belongings, and giving him something interesting to do every day.
People with LD seem to keep learning until they are about 30, then plateau out. Don’t let your son miss out on this.
Google NATSPEC to find places like Fairfield.

I believe that some good teacher and school can change the life of study. When I was in 9th Grade one of my teacher told me on day “You have to stay positive in any circumstances” this lesson help me a lot in my practical life.