Coronavirus: Who should wear a face mask?

For the first time, people in England are being advised to wear face coverings in some enclosed spaces. but they are all so adviseing for children not to use face masks due to smaller wind pipes but are not children babys dieing as well from covid 19


Thanks for posting that.

I see the government will not be funding masks for the public so that means not everyone will wear them.

My mask that I have bought will protect others but if others don’t wear one its not great for me.

Half measures again.

Do they want to save lives or not!

Written a stinking letter to my MP

Coronavirus: Cover faces in some public areas, people in England told

‘Obvious barrier’

The guidance also said the government’s ambition was for all primary school children in England to return to school for a month before the summer.

But asked during the Downing Street briefing what people should do if they do not have access to childcare and cannot work from home, Mr Johnson said he was sure employers would be understanding.

“If people don’t have access to childcare and they have a child who isn’t back in school then I think that’s only fair to regard that as an obvious barrier to their ability to go back to work and I am sure employers will agree with that,” he said.

Meanwhile, the new guidance confirmed garden centres will also be able to reopen on Wednesday with distancing measures in place.

It is likely that the government will continue to advise people who are clinically extremely vulnerable to continue to shield beyond June, the document adds.

And the document also says:

People in England can drive to any outdoor open space in the country - but not to other UK nations
Team sports should not be played - but people can exercise with up to one person from outside their household
Healthy people aged 70 and over should take particular care to minimise contact with others - even if they have not been advised to shield by the NHS
Clothes should be washed regularly if people work with others outside of their household
Doors and windows should be left open in places where people from different households come into contact
There needs to be “a rapid re-engineering of government’s structures and institutions” to deal with Covid-19

We all realize somebody who’s at higher COVID-19 danger: a grandpa with hypertension, a neighbor’s diabetic child, an auntie with ongoing lung disease. And obviously, we all need things to return to typical, as well. That is actually why wearing a face cover is one of the least difficult, most significant things you can do at this moment: While we sit tight for a powerful antibody, we need to cooperate to prevent the spread of the Covid.

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