Should domicillary carers wear face masks?

Should carers going into peoples home wear face masks?
If so we’re does it say so?

The carers ( working for a care company ) who come into our home are talking about not wearing a mask any more. Would love to find somewhere were it states they should.
As someone with COPD who had not left the house since early March this does worry me.

My wife’s carers began wearing masks approximately three weeks ago, they had been using gloves and aprons prior to that. I think that the time-frame would fit in with this set of instructions linked to below, (but I’ve not studied them thoroughly enough to verify that).

I took a look at Ayjay`s link. The recommended PPE for various situations is in Appendix 2, page 5/13, Table 2

I’ve found this guidance more helpful:

My son has 2 PAs that come in to help, but as he is the only person they work for they do not wear face masks as it would distress him (he has PMLD) and they observe strict hygiene measures.