Stay Alert’ slogan rejected

this is what other parts of the uk think to how boris johnson is dealing with covid 19 will there be more riots . violance , theft, etc the police cannot handle it is at the moment due to people going out in hot weather

STAY ALERT…….politicians on the loose.

Nice one, Albert!

Lots of weasel words. Never liked the first banner statement either.

It’s always good to be alert, Lerts have more fun.

Graffiti seen one day:- Grils were made to hug and kiss.

24 hours later Grils is crossed out and it now reads:- Girls were made to hug and kiss.

after a further 24 hours

Hey, what’s wrong with us Grils?

T shirt coming soon!

I might get this one blown up for a poster tbh

Hard hitting

Glad I work from home!

Caring that is!


At least it’s been colder and windy today!
My son’s carer took him to a really large “The Range” today to “have a look round”. I’m so annoyed, I was hoping I could have him home soon, but I don’t want either of us taking risks. Needless to say, complaint already sent. The New Forest is just down the road!!!


What is the Range…is it a shop?

I’m still not going to go to any shops …i can last for 18 months if i have too.

Just not important enough to take the risk.


The one he went to, on the outskirts of Bournemouth is over two floors, it’s huge, very similar to Woolworths really. He didn’t need to go at all, the round trip would be at least 30 miles at 45p a mile as well. No exercise that day either, so annoying when he is within walking distance of a National Park!


Sounds like it was the support worker who wanted to go.

A walk would have been much more sensible

Stay Alert?

We pay our politicians, Gvt & PM to come out with that pearler? Talk about mixed messaging, it’s odious!

You can sunbathe 2 meters apart from a stranger in a Park.

You can wander off and play golf and encouraged to go to work if your in that position.

Etc etc…

It’s just a word jumble soup with no specific guidelines regarding safety across the whole of society.

Meanwhile no word on the plight of the over 70’s, people in the extremely vunerable group, no guidance on face masks, ppe in the home etc. Again we are completely forgotten!

However Stay Alert, Johnson is on the prowl and may give details on the commons, if he can remember how to get there.

Stay Alert! Tories On The Loose!