Start a public enquiry into NHS Continuing Healthcare

Hi everyone my name is Suzanne Morrison and 10 year ago today my adult disabled son had is access to CHC and complex care package removed, which has meant we have had to self fund all the care he needs for a complex unstable condition.
I am aware through other websites that families are being told pay fees or sell assets to fund care for elderly and younger adults. this is not true as if the assessment finds the person has a primary health need then NHS fund everything. The NHS budget is ring fenced so the more money they save by puushing people over to social service whose budget is not protected illegally then they save money but put people with health issues at risk.

I have worked to point of exhaustion on johns behlf and many others who i have met along the way, fighting a CCG is isoltaing and soul destroying. But if we do not fight people are dying in the meantime as their healt needs are not met.

Please sign our petition which is gaining numbers every day, over 2000 in 24 hours.

As for our own take on CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … the MAIN thread and a more enlightened thread :\

As for petitions , the latest in a long line ?
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As for The House , the last main debate on CHC … June 2018 :

The website has crashed, apparently because of a Brexit petition. Probably a good idea to start this thread again in a few days when the site is working again.

I began the process of signing yesterday; you have to click a link in a confirmatory email sent to the email addy that you provide, that didn’t arrive until this morning, almost 24 hours later, so it does seem to be working again.

I kept getting the bad gateway half way through

I have signed this. Well done for starting. It is an UTTER disgrace. My Dad yo-yo-ed in and out of CHC funding for the last 2 years of his life and the battle was just soul destroying. I feel your pain.

PLEASE keep battling this. My personal belief born out of experience is that they try it on to deprive people of the funding in the hope you say “oh, OK then” and accept the decision. We appealed twice for funding and were twice awarded it on appeal.

They whole system is unfit for purpose and grossly unfair. Best of luck


I’ve signed it too. I hope it’s successful.

Managed to sign it now. Definitely should be changed. I’ve fought with all my being for my lovely husband, and challenged the nonsense of ‘managed needs’

You really shouldn’t have to fight for this with all you being. It is a disgraceful situation. We had the issue of ,managed needs too.