Update on my Mum's situation

I contacted CQC quite some time ago about my Mum’s situation, with the CCG refusing to qualify her for CHC when she has a high level of health needs - not just ‘social care needs’, they did nothing. I contacted the Health & Social Care Minister, he refused to help. I phoned OPG the other day, they refuse to help and advised me to contact CQC, who again refused to help.

It all boils down to the CHC scandal, where local authorities + CCGs are getting away with taking advantage of the vulnerable people they have a duty of care towards.

I have posted the latest Petition on CHC; please help support it? Thank you

To save you having to look it up:


Start a public enquiry into NHS Continuing Healthcare

CHC funding is mismanaged by Clinical Commissioning Groups leaving families emotionally and financially devastated when they should be spending quality time with loved ones who, as enshrined in law, should have healthcare free at the point of delivery.

If there is any consolation here , it is that your mother is not alone in losing out on vital care.

To say it’s a scandal does not do that world justice.
The very least ALL readers can do is sign the petition :

Start a public enquiry into NHS Continuing Healthcare - Petitions
( 8,753 as I type. )

If nothing else , out of solidarity with our fellow carer.

Makes one wonder what’s really going on with Politicians. First the cuts, then Brexit. Decent folk need to storm Parliament and get proper results to them dealing with everyday people. If the buck stops with them, they need to be made answerable. I actually got in trouble for withholding paying my Mum’s care fees in the past, the Social Worker at the time got me in trouble with OPG. So the Government need to be held to account - otherwise they’re little Hitlers. Afterall they woundn’t stand for having a pay cut, and neither would those working in Local Authorities. WE NEED TO DEMAND A FAIR SOCIETY, AND NOT LET’EM GET AWAY WITH THIS SCANDAL

I just posted this on another thread … appropriate here as well :

I heard that Thatcher stamped out any form of society coz she didn’t believe in it; yeah coz it doesn’t suit ‘Conservatives’ - which I hoped would be that they ‘conserve’ the very qualities Britain stands for, including treating equally and with compassion those less fortunate. Thought that Britain was renowned for ‘fair play’. Amazing what appearances they want to portray to the rest of the world, but then won’t treat their own properly; especially when it all boils down to business.

I believe that many of today’s problems stem from Maggie’s misguided vies. Most of all housing, selling off council housing specially.