Mum's Dementia/OPG/Health & Welfare funding continuing issue

I’ve done a lot of research about NHS CHC. Especially researching the fact my Mum shouldn’t be paying for her care when her health needs have been brushed aside by all ‘professionals’ to suit themselves. I have been thinking about contacting the Office of the Public Guardian for some time, of how my Mum being a vulnerable adult is being taken advantage of. But as I have tried reporting a safe-guarding issue some time ago to the Local Authority which they ignored, I’m at a loss of how to approach the OPG. My Mum’s had the severe Strokes May 2012, and I have been trying to rectify the matter ever since, and cannot find anyone understanding/supportive enough to help. Exhausted. But I still have to carry on for the injustice of it all. It bad enough my Mum suffered the Strokes for her to no longer want to live. And that an incompetent Care Agency I have to endure coz they have social services on their side. But to not to have the option of getting a proper Care Agency to work alongside me to support my Mum’s frail health, coz ‘professionals’ ignore my Mum’s health; is deplorable.

Hi B68.

First up … Office of the Public Guardian … all contact details :

Email … >

0300 456 0300

PO Box 16185
B2 2WH

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am to 5pm
Wednesday 10am to 5pm

CHC / NHS Contiuning Healthcare.

Having created the main thread , at least I have a rudimentary knowledge :

What aspects do you need help with … at a guess … applied for but refused ?

Care Agency problems ?

I’ll leave that one to others … no first hand experience.

I need to report a whole host of issues. Not just the failings of the CCG + and Local Authority, where just last year they where to-ing + fro-ing between themselves whose responsibility my Mum came under to validitate mental capacity (when the Nursing Assessor did come out, she threatened to order me out of the room, when I questioned her on certain points). But to how the Local Authority insist my Mum doesn’t want me involved in her care, and insist she has capacity to make her own decisions, to side-line my right to support my Mum. Then the Care Agency limit my involvement; to the extent that when my Mum’s not well the Breakfast-Call they are there, they leave it until the Lunch-Call to phone me…which is long after they’ve notified On-Call. Like my Mum is being denied a right to her own daughter’s involvement. Total discrimination.

In which case , the OPG seems to be on the menu.

As for the LA :


The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

We are the final stage for complaints about councils, > all adult social care providers (including care homes and home care agencies) and some other organisations providing local public services. We are a free service. We investigate complaints in a fair and independent way - we do not take sides.

CHC / NHS Continuing healthcare complaints … in case it is needed :


We make final decisions on complaints that have not been resolved by the NHS in England and UK government departments and other public organisations. > We do this fairly and without taking sides. Our service is free. >