Spotlight on sleep

Hello, I’m Jane and I work at Carers UK. A warm welcome to our forum if you haven’t been here before! Thank you for coming here.

If you are struggling to get enough sleep at this time of year, it can be extremely tough and hard going. I hope this guidance helps to offer some tips or support: Getting enough sleep | Carers UK.

If you have any further tips, questions or suggestions, it would be lovely to hear from you. Best wishes, Jane

Thanks for posting Jane, sleep is so important and a lot of carers tell us it’s an area they struggle with.

In June we were pleased to welcome Deborah from Sound Asleep Club at a Share and Learn session, which was really popular with attendees.

Carers can watch the video on Youtube here: Bedtime rituals and routines for carers with Sound Asleep Club - May 2021 - YouTube



I find walking quite helpful. I take Milo for a longish walk each day either to a local pond or to a nearby park in the afternoons to help her to stay active and healthy. I’m typing this now as she sleeps. Walking is a free and great kind of exercise for everybody. Start small and be creative is my first top tip when it comes to getting a chance to be active and do some exercise.